Deepavali actually means ‘Rows of lighted lamps’. The festival symbolizes victory of light over darkness. Also known as Diwali, it is an Indian festival and the Diwali season sets in early in September/October and continues untill mid November .

Diwali is also widely celebrated in many other countries with large Indian population such as Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Nepal, Myanmar, Mauritius and Fiji. In fact it’s a national holiday in each of these countries. 

Gifting is an integral part of every culture and festivals. The perfect gift speak volumes about the love you express to your family and friends. A thoughtful gift always has the power to bring a big smile. When it comes to festivals, Diwali is an extravagant one.  Gifting is the highlight of this festival, and picking an impeccable Deepavali gift is an interesting  and challenging task.

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