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This Dhuna set celebrates the ancient tradition of fragrant incense smoke, with ceremonial tools reminiscent of a bygone age. It includes a brass dhuna, pure loban blend, charcoal pellets, tongs and a paraffin wax candle making it a complete gift for those charmed by tradition and drawn to the allure of incense.


Loban is the ritual incense made of fragrant resins. The blend is based on the traditionally used Gum Benzion mixed with Frankincense & Gum Dammar.

When Heated, it releases purifying fragrant smoke.


How to use:

1. Light a candle and hold the charcoal pellet with the togs over it till the pellet lights up.

2. Place the burning charcoal in the Dhuna and sprinkle the powdered resin over it to create streaming fragrant smoke.


You can use this as a daily ritual at dawn and dusk.


This set contains:

1. 'Dhuna' made of brass. Its bowl is designed to hold burning charcoal,

2. Loban blend,

3. Candle,

4. Brass tongs,

5. Charcoal pellets








Ancient Incense Set

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