This is a cute little hand made copper kettle for daily use to serve  hot tea or coffee. It has beautiful hammered texture and is made in Jaipur (India). No tea glasses are included but you can also buy the Cutting chai tea set to make a chai tea set :


The ageless use of copper bears testimony to its myriad virtues and everlasting appeal.  Its therapeutic value has been handed down the ages. I has been for thousands of years that copper can inhibit the growth of bacteria, viruses and fungi. It is well known that disease causing bacteria cannot survive for more than a few hours on copper surfaces.


Specification: Material: Copper, Weight: 563 Gram, Volume: 600 ML, Height: 5'' Inch, Width: 4'' Inch

Care instructions: Kettle is coasted with lacquer outside, so use a soft sponge to clean it.  Avoid putting this kettle in a dishwasher. Any extra water after washing should be wiped off to void watermarks. Copper oxidizes naturally and needs to be cleaned at regular intervals. Tradional methods of cleaning includes rubbing with a mixtrure of salt and tamarind paste (or lemon juice) or use copper cleaning liquids from DIY stores.

Copper hammered tea/coffee Kettle