This unique and stunning cup and saucer set comes from Korea. Luycho, a Korean company  creates art works and products that are based on the reflection of mirrors. This product is revolutionizing in design and manufacturing of cups and saucers. It lets you explore 'a new world of mirrors ', and uses applied scientific principles - the law of reflection into a product to make it look astonishing with reflection. These cups from  inspired from the works of Cho Yul, a Korean professor who has researched experimental works and lectures on reflection, refraction and shadows for 30 years.


These cups design include endangered animals with the main aim to make the user aware of their plight.


Drinking a tea or coffee in this stunning set certainly makes a unique style statement and a gift that will stand out from the rest. 


Care Instructions : Recommend hand wash only, not suitable for diswasher to prevent scratches.

Reflecting Mirror Cup & Saucer (Siberian Tiger)