These gorgeous and colourful tea glasses are made by skilled Moroccan artisans who pass their skills from generation to generation. The bright colours and intricate gold designs will add elegance to any beverage served.


To share a little history of traditions, its an old belief that men are better able to prepare the Moroccan Mint tea! The reason is they are more patient & inclined to spend up to 30 minutes preparing it to perfection!


The mint tea is traditionally drunk at any time of the day, with a small preference at the end of a meal, like a digestive. Mint tea holds a very important place in the life and social relations in Morocco. It is indeed a drink of friendship and hospitality!


Serve anything from tea to water to juice to create a stunning piece!


They measure 3.75' x 2.5" and hold 8 ounces each.


These tea glasses are to be washed by hand only. Do not put them in the dishwasher to preserve the gold design and do not use in the microwave.

Colourful Moroccan Tea Glasses (Set of 6)