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This decorative piece of home decor is designed to serve and display tequilla shots. The tray is made of alder wood which is known for its light colour and straight, fine grain patterns. It's durable and resistant to rot and decay.


The tray is engraved with a message making it a great gift!


This tequilla shot tray is a great addition to any home, perfect for hosting, gatherings or for enjoying tequilla shots with friends.

It's definitely a stylish way to serve and display tequilla shots, adding a touch of elegance and rustic charm to any home.



Width 9.45"

Height 10.24"

Thickness 0.355"

Depth 0.12"



Tequilla won't solve your problems but it's worth a shot


Set includes board plus 4 transparent skull shot glasses as seen in the photos.

Tequilla Flight Board

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