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This is a truly unique, hilarious and memorable gift!


Are you tired of boring, predictable gifts that elicit nothing more than a polite smile? Want give a gift that leaves a lasting impression & laughter? Then look no further!


We have all heard of thecolloquial expression used to indicate an emotional state of indifference "I don't give a Fuck" !! Dare to send a bold message, when you DO actually care to give a Fuck!


Let's face it, sometimes life hands you situations that require a good laugh. This gift jar delivers that humour with a strong message to say that "I do care". No doubt , it's a cheeky way ! By giving this jar, tell someone, that  "I care enough to make you smile, no matter what life throws your way".


This jar is sure to bring joy and chuckles to anyone lucky enough to receive it from you !


The gift jar has wooden letters, carefully crafted and hand painted to perfection.

"Give a fuck" Jar

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