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This set has four 'Cutting Chai' glasses with brass bottom. Perfect for tea time!

Enjoy moments filled with nostalgia as you make these Chai Glasses a part of your tea time ritual.


"Cutting Chai" concept comes from Mumbai (India), which has a very different take on their usual cup of masala chai (tea). They call it the "cutting chai". Typically, a cutting chai in Mumbai means half a cup of tea, which is less in quantity and price halved for sharing a tea portion, just enough to refresh your senses.


These glasses are memorable for anyone who has visited India and they certainly make a great house warming or festive gift for chai lovers.


You can also pair this set with some amazing teas:






6.5 cms x 12 cms (W x H) each glass


Care Intructions:

Dishwasher safe. Wash in warm soapy water and wipe with a soft dry cloth.


Being a handmade product, there are bound to be subtle imperfections - making your set of four, one of a kind.

Chai Glasses with Brass Bottom (Set of 4)

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