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Despite their name, Panama hats originated from the small town of Montecristi in Ecuador! Read our blog about the story of these hats:


The best quality Panama hats are produced using toquilla straw by talented weavers in Ecuador. Ecua-Andino are the most influential producers and exporters of Panama hats from Ecuador as they were the very first brand to combine the expertise of local craftsmen with their team of local designers to produce an intricate and beautiful product. 


What is your hat size ?


Small 6-3/4  (55-56 cm)

Medium 7-1/4 (57-58 cm)

Large 7-1/2 (59-60 cm)

X-Large 7-3/4 (61-62 cm)


Panama hats have always been iconic fashion accessories of Brad Pitt, Sean Connery, Johnny Depp, Madonna, Jessica Alba and several others. We hope these famous wearers of Panama hats give you the fashion inspiration needed to incorporate these beautiful styles into your summer wardrobe. LANOS hopes that the new-found popularity of the hat can help safeguard the craft that is their production to benefit the skilled hat-makers in Ecuador.


Be a proud owner of this ORIGINAL Panama Hat made by Ecua-Andino, imported all the way from Ecuador !!

Classic Panama Hat Pink (M)

S$165.00 Regular Price
S$90.00Sale Price
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