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You don't have to be a 60s hipster to love fondues - Swiss cheese fondues are always here to stay forever ! Fondues are certainly a great way to stir up excitement to dinner parties (without cooking a lot) !


Swissmar has been providing quality Swiss gourmet utensils for over 30 years and now available in many countries. It is truly the best and most traditional cheese fondue pot and suppose to last for years!


This Swissmar cheese fordue set is an 11 piece set which includes a copper-plated stainless steel fondue pot  (2 qt), splatter guard, 6 fondue forks, rechaud, fondue burner and even a fondue recipe card for beginers.


The pot can be placed on a stove top but not suitable for microwaves and dishwashers.


An elegant and traditional fondue set like is definitely a nice gift for all foodies!


Please note that fire gel and fondue cheese not included in the set. They are easily available in grocery stores.


Copper Cheese Fondue Set

S$200.00 Regular Price
S$165.00Sale Price
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