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These are contemporary Terracotta Chai Tumblers that celebrate tradition with a modern twist.

Handcrafted in terracotta and carefully marbled with white clay, experience the joy of sipping tea in these casually chic 'Cutting Chai' tumblers.

This set includes 4 dual toned handmade tumblers.


"Cutting Chai" concept comes from Mumbai (India), which has a very different take on their usual cup of masala chai (tea). They call it the "cutting chai". Typically, a cutting chai in Mumbai means half a cup of tea, which is less in quantity and price halved for sharing a tea portion, just enough to refresh your senses.


Celebrate the little things that spark joy everyday with these Cutting Chai Tumblers!

These tumblers are memorable for anyone who has visited India and they certainly make a great house warming or festive gift for chai lovers.


You can also pair this set with some amazing teas:







Care Instructions:

Safe for hot tea and cold drinks. Hand wash gently with detergent. After washing, leave the tumblers for 5-8 mins for moisture to evaporate.

Cutting Chai Tumblers - (set of 4)

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