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A nice gift for any wine lover or connosieur. Besides a really easy cordless, electric wine opener (opens up to 30-40 bottles on a single charge), the 4-Piece Set also contains a Foil Cutter to neatly and easily cut off the foil on top and an easy USB charging wire, a Wine Aerator Pourer and Vaccum Wine Stopper.


This wine opener completely takes away the difficulty of opening a wine bottle without breaking the cork. It's really very practical to use and a perfect present for your loved ones !


You can remove the cork in 7 seconds without breaking the cork by pressing the “Down” and “Up” button. Bottle pourer spout ensures Drip-Proof wine pouring. The wine aerator pourer is made of food grade material and ergonomically designed for consistent and predictable flow-control every time, which can prevent staining. The Vacuum Stopper can eliminate wasting wine and will preserve flavors, keeping wine fresh!


Care :

Please charge it fully before using it for the first use. If you do not use it frequently, charge it once every three months.

Electric (Rechargeable) Automatic Wine Opener Set

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