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The combination of brass and raw wood makes this wine chiller a fantastic and elegant addition to any evening scene while protecting your table from water drips!



10cms x 20 cms


Care Instructions:

Your Brass Wine Chiller is made with brass, an alloy of Zinc & Copper. Brass tends to patina over time & use. Some people might prefer a shinny & bright look or some more aged look. No matter what your preferance is, care is simple and straightforward.


We recommend wiping it dry immediately after use to avoid water stains and applying a layer of coconut oil from time to time to help it age evenly and beautifully!


To clean an aged brass, mix flour & vinegar to make a paste and rub it on the product with a soft cloth. Wash with warm water and dry immediately. The final set is to seal it with coconut oil. Take a small amout and wipe it off! That's all.

Elegant Brass Wine Chiller

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