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Enjoy draping this extremely soft piece which combines warmth and sophistication.


Purest cashmere sourced from the mountain goats 'Capra Hircus' which are found in Central Asia. It has been used to make yarn, textiles and clothing for hundreds of years.


Each shawl is hand spun and hand woven into a very delicate masterpiece which is accentuated with fine strands of a glittering metallic thread 'lurex'. The yarns are specially made and processed by local artisans from Central Asia who do traditional work on these shawls and have been doing this for generations. 'A handmade product carries the energy of the maker and imprints the artists soul'.

Over the years, shawls have become a necessity and we have learnt to style them beautifully.


You will feel the peace and love put into every step and stitch of this creation. It is soul satisfying creativity and the craetor feels fortunate to share it with you. 


A classy gift for anyone or any occasion.


Colours: Champagne, Rose Pink, Milky White



(75cms x 225cms )

Glitter Cashmere Shawl (comes in 3 colours)

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