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This incense burner is a handmade artisan product from Sultante of Oman by a local producer - Hilia. Also known as the Dhofari tradional brazier, this product is designed to be a memorial masterpiece for any home, inspired by traditional Arabic design. The burner has a one-sided handle decorated with several engravings.


It is hand made from copper and silver-plated by Omani artisans


How to use: 

1. Light up 1 piece of charcoal pellet with tongs till the pellet heats up.

2. Place the heated charcoal pellet in the silver cup of the burner and sprinkle a couple of rocks of the frankincense over it to create streaming & long lasting fragrant aroma.

3. Hold the burner by the handle and move with it to bring the aromatic fragrance all over the home.


You can make this a daily ritual at dawn and dusk or occassionally to create a nice arabic aroma across your home.


The incense burner comes in a leather & velvet gift box and includes:

1. Traditional Omani incense burner. It's bowl is designed to hold the burning charcoal.

2. Frankinsence rocks for fragrance (50 gms)

3. Charcoal pellets (1 pack of 10 pcs)

[tongs not included]


Weight of the burner: 165 gms

Omani Incense Burner

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