Yes Condoms, for wine bottles ONLY !Funny & quirky rubbers for your wine loving friends. Add them as a gift to a wine bottle or just gift it by itself. Shrink-to-fit technology allows it to fit almost any bottle with a water-tight seal. So, before you apply it to the open neck of your unfinished wine or beer bottlte, 
you must pre-stretch it to get it "in the mood". 


This wine stopper creates an airtight seal, so your wine won't go to waste if you don't finish it at night. YES, THEY’RE REUSABLE - Simply rinse the stopper in warm water and leave to air dry. Once dry, you can reuse for your next bottle.


This gift is sure to elicit laughs, smirks, and blushes at Parties, birthdays, weddings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and more!

Wine Bottle Stopper Condoms