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These gorgeously stricking beach bags are perfect to not only carry to the beach but also very stylist and convenient for daily use. They are currently available in three coloured rope handles; gold, blue, pink.


The rope handles are made of gold, silver, blue, pink upcycled plastic. They are made from textile waste and trimmings of plastic waste to create objects that reflect India's weaving heritage, taking cues from the elements of nature that delight us. They make ropes from different types of materials - upcycled textile waste, upcycled plastic waste, jute fibres and cotton. The waste is carefully used to reduce impact on the environment and create intricate home decor pieces.

This sustainable bag has been created by women from India giving them steady income opportunities. Read more about the supplier - Sirohi


They make a great gift to that special girl friend or to yourself!


Pick your favourite colour!


Size of the raffia (minus the handle): 15"(L) x 16.5 (W)

Raffia Beach Bag

S$150.00 Regular Price
S$105.00Sale Price
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