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Meet our new supplier - Sirohi

Skilled Samaritan Foundation, based in New Delhi is on a mission to provide steady income opportunities to women and girls from marginalised communities across India, who do not have a formal education.

Their work began back in 2012 in an industrial arcadian village in rural Haryana (India) known as Sirohi. It is a charming village nestled among the Aravali hills that boasts of a simple and slow life. After interacting with the members of the Sirohian community for almost half a decade, they saw an opportunity gap in this rural community where the people had immense talent but lacked the chance and skill to showcase it. They focused their efforts on design and craft, to create an exclusive range of products under the label of Sirohi that wouldn’t just be functional but would also serve a cause.

Sirohi products exhibit craft skills by providing the artisans with online tech-based design support via partnerships with design schools across the globe and market access via their online platform, to make sustainable products in the home, furniture and lifestyle space for the growing conscious buyer.

Sirohi began creating their products in January 2019 in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, India. Their work started with just one woman, Gauhar Fatma, simply because the rest of them refused. In their community, women were discouraged to work. Over time, more and more women joined Sirohi. Today, they have a stronghold of over 200 women working with them as financially independent equals in their community.

At Lanos, we love the ethos behind Sirohi and wish to support their enterprising spirit. Today, we bring you just a little sample of their collection. You can see Sirohi’s Boho raffia beach bags with colourful rope handles, & the super cute Boho raffia clutches. Both these are made for the first time by Sirohi especially for Lanos. These products are handwoven using natural & up-cycled sustainable materials. Made using neutral colors to bring all the attention to the weave pattern. Perfect for a minimal look.

Sirohi use either natural materials like cotton & jute fibres or upcycle plastic & textile waste, found locally, for weaving their products. While contributing to a circular economy, this also reduces your carbon footprint, one Sirohi product at a time! From their many other products, we also bring you Sirohi’s Chamak (shiny) trays. They can be used as a table accessory, in the kitchen & dining room also to make your own hampers for any occasion ! The metal frame gives these trays a strong structure & durability.

We hope you will join us in our drive to support Sirohi and would consider gifting yourself or your loved ones one of these Sirohi products from Lanos.

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