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Meet the authors of SYZYGYmoments

Anupama Singal

Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur

Often referred to as a ‘Fashion & Tech Girl”, Anupama is known for breaking stereotypes. A Chemical Engineer and a Post Graduate in Fashion Marketing, she pursues both the streams of fashion and technology with equal zest. After having worked with Levi Strauss for 14 years, she moved out of the corporate world and jumped into entrepreneurship. Anupama is a passionate about body positivity, data analytics and personal transformation.

She is a Founding Director at 3 companies in Singapore, and loves to create products and platforms where form and function meet.

A dreamer, a doer and a connector of people, you will often find her having engaged and authentic conversations. She urges one to see beyond oneself, be unique, live a life filled with purpose, and move forward with enthusiasm.

Shikha Rinchin Tiku

Poet, Author, Trainer

A quiet hustler, Rinchin is often told that she seems to be a lot more “seasoned” for her experience in life. An Electronics Engineer and a Post Graduate in Management, she now pursues her passion for writing and changing lives of people as a learning consultant. She’s handled and excelled in her corporate roles, been a part of the founding team of a successful start-up, and has also worked on projects of social importance. She’s passionate about women empowerment & educational causes, and using technology as an enabler for both. She has a deep interest in spirituality and cultural revival, and is pursuing of one of the oldest, almost extinct languages in India - Sharda.

She’s been passionate about writing since a very young age, and is currently on her journey of sharing her love for words with the world.

She believes that words are a potent tool for changing the world, and loves having deep and meaningful conversations with people. She sees empathy and compassion as two biggest needs of humanity today and in the future, and is assured that pursuing these in daily life can transform our world for the better.

SYZYGYmoments Testimonials

A beautiful gem of uplifting quotes, delightful images, and truly inspiring text. Allow yourself to explore the blessings within these pages as they awaken the blessings in you.

Ron Kaufman

New York Times Bestselling Author "UPLIFTING SERVICE", Global Speaker

SYZYGYmoments resonates aloud with my own thoughts. It compels the reader to think that how we all are the main protagonists of our own stories, and thus all stories converge into one big novel called life, which threads and aligns us all together.

Preveen Pandita

Award-winning, Internationally Acclaimed Illusionist

“A beautiful book with a beautiful message. Read it. It will brighten up your soul."

Fredrik Haren

The Creativity Explorer, Author, Global Keynote Speaker

The way SYZYGYmoments has been conceptualized and brought to life denotes our quest for doing something new - which is the essence of life's journey. Without that curiosity and quest, there is really no fun or meaning for life. A beautiful compilation that will elicit reflection with every turn of the page.

Dr. Darlie O. Koshy

Visionary, Eco-system Builder, Author, Powerful Orator

SYZYGYmoments is a gift to the world at a time when we need more love, kindness and acceptance. A beautiful and inspiring collection of quotes and imagery, this will pick you up when darkness comes knocking.

Andrea Edwards

The Digital Conversationalist, Author, Speaker

A book that is at once timeless, whilst very much being of our time. I can imagine it will provide both comfort and inspiration to many on their journey.

Tracey Hamilton

Community - builder, Host, Speaker, Transformation Coach

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