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New Gifting Solution that Helps You Find Unique Gifts With a Few Clicks !

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

When it comes to social interactions with friends and family or with your business associates, gifting has always been a custom to show gratitude, share the love and to be remembered. This year, things started to change from the first quarter of 2020 and we were forced by circumstances to stay at home and adapt to a new lifestyle. More things started getting done from home, through online platforms that you never heard of or tried before, since shops and establishments remained closed and inaccessible.

The number of digital consumers in Southeast Asia is expected to reach 310 million by this year-end, a number previously forecasted to be reached by 2025, according to a recent report by Facebook and Bain & Company. These consumers make up 69 per cent of the region’s population that is aged 15 and above.  This means almost 70% of Southeast Asian consumers will go digital by the end of 2020. Due to social distancing measures, more people are adopting a home-centric lifestyle and shopping online for groceries, clothing, electronics, furnishings and such. We thought why not gifts?  Lanos is an online platform that helps you to think and act differently, quickly and easily, to find unique & memorable gifts with a few clicks for next day delivery across Singapore.

In the market,  there are no doubt plenty of online shopping options already available. Ours is an online store exclusively for gifts.Most online gifting services in Singapore focus on the delivery of flowers, chocolates and confectionary, alcohol, personalised leather goods etc. However, Lanos is different and we can help you find something that is indeed unique, elegant and yet affordable with the convenience of next day delivery with gift wrapping and your personalised gift message. Lanos is a curated small gifts store in which beautiful and memorable gifts are sourced from different parts of the world, to make it really easy for you to quickly find something unique easily. 

LANOS has been created with a vision to become a socially responsible platform to empower creators and craftsmen, especially small and medium-sized manufacturers, women entrepreneurs and low-income workers from different parts of the world who are skilled at creating beautiful giftable items. You can browse and find a gift to impress somebody with a powerful story that is behind your gift. 

We have tried giving you gift options that would be suitable to match a wide range of gifting budgets from $30 and above. Our gift suggestions are pre-selected and listed under 5 collections in the store that will help you to easily pick a gift for different themes: 

1) Gifts for housewarming:  Our collection includes home decor items that are trendy, quirky, beautifully crafted and not easily available in the Singapore market. They are created and sourced from far away and made with good quality and style and have a meaningful story behind the product. Check out our collection of lanterns and tea sets in the home decor ideas.

2) Gifts for newborns: When someone you know is having a baby or just had a baby and you are thinking of visiting or sending over something and wondering what will you get for the baby, we have put together a cute little babies collection that can help you to select a unique gift which anyone would not mind getting. Check out our teethers, night lamps and pillows in the newborn section of the store.

3) Gifts for your girlfriends (or yourself): Here at Lanos, we have a trendy collection of gift ideas that are very fashionable and suitable for your special girlfriends on their birthday or any other occasion. They will indeed be very happy to get one of Lanos’s handpicked gifts which are not only practical but also a fashion statement. You will always be remembered and she will treasure your gift. Do check out our gorgeous girlfriends’ options like muslin jamdani scarves, Turkish towels, small jewellery items, many more.

Kimono in eastern tile print
Carrying it gracefully @mkglife !

4) Yoga accessories:  Yoga has become a daily ritual for many of us. Those who practice yoga are always keen to find new and trendy yoga accessories even though they may already own many of the items. Yoga accessories collection at Lanos has items which are useful for the practice and can be a thoughtful gift for your yoga friend (or yourself if you are a yogi). Do check out our collection of spiritual bracelets, colourful yoga blankets and yoga straps etc. 

5) Rare & Exclusive gifts: For those of us who like to give or receive something truly unique rather than more and more of the ordinary,  Lanos has a collection of rare & exclusive gift ideas.  These gifts are unique because they are hand made by the craftsman and they only create a single piece of that specific design. Do check out our gorgeous options woollen shawls, muslin kaftans, and handcrafted clutch bags in this collection

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