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The Science of LANOS Gift Wrapping !

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Lanos gift wrapping sample
Big or Small , we have something for all !

They say appearances are deceiving. In the case of gift giving and receiving, you could say it should be the other way around. The desire to create a surprise element by hiding the identity of a gift until just the right moment is what led people to wrap their gifts long, long ago. Wrapping gifts in paper probably started soon after paper was invented thousands of years ago.

In several cultures, a lot of attention goes into wrapping the item, to make the gift look appealing. This involves time, effort and money spent on the paper, the box, the ribbon and pretty bows to wrap the gift . Receiving a gift which has been carefully wrapped is always a pleasure for the receiver – it adds the touch of thoughtfulness, the element of surprise and completeness in gifting.

LANOS gifts are ALWAYS very neatly and beautifully wrapped at no extra cost. We put a lot of attention to details on how well the gift is wrapped and also how is it sent to the gift receiver. We have been investing a lot of time to do research, learn from others, source good quality, sustainable, environment friendly packing materials and practice the styles and art of good gift wrapping.

We are creating festive packing that creates a wow !

There is a unique packing for each LANOS gifts, we pack each gift depending on the mood of the day, the season, the item that is being gifted, what occasion is the gift for and who is going to be opening that gift. The whole idea is for that gift to look stunning !! We can of course happily add your personal gift message on a printed label and tie it with the gift.

New Born baby gift sent from Lanos

We have been asked whether all the time and effort and money that we put into wrapping gifts from LANOS is actually worth it? Our answer is a definite YES ! Once you have received or given a Lanos gift you would agree too ! Its addicting to see neat folds, crisp edges and beautiful bows and enjoy the act of carefully opening a gift with joyful anticipation.

Gifts from are here to create that WOW !

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