Indian Cutting Chai (Tea) Latte glass carrier & 6 glasses set

A  steel carrier with a hand-painted wooden handle for serving Indian Chai tea. Set includes stand and 6 cutting chai glasses. Looks great when entertaining and serving masala tea to your guests. You can pair this set with any our tea kettles:


"Cutting Chai" concept comes from Mumbai (India), which has a very different take on their usual cup of masala chai (tea). They call it the "cutting chai". Typically, a cutting chai in Mumbai means half a cup of tea, which is less in quantity and price halved for sharing a tea portion, just enough to refresh your senses.


This set is very memorable for anyone who has visited India and makes a great house warming gift for chai lovers.

Set of 6  glasses with a handy steel stand.
- Size of glasses of 100 ml

- This product can be used for any Hot & Cold Serving. A daily use product.

- Coated Iron Stand of good quality


Each piece is completely handmade, mnior imperfections or variations should not be construed as flaws.

Cutting Chai (tea) Set ( serves 6)